Department of Automation and Systems Engineering
Federal University of Santa Catarina
PO Box 476, Florianópolis, SC
88040-900 Brasil
Tel.: +55 48 3721 7665

Research Interests

  • Organisation, Institution, and Norm based programming for Multi-Agent Systems

  • Programming languages for autonomous agents



Multi-Agent Programming Framework

JaCaMo is a framework for Multi-Agent Programming that combines three separate technologies (Jason, Cartago, and Moise), each of them being well-known on its own and developed for a number of years so they are fairly robust and fully-fledged.


Programming BDI agents with AgentSpeak

Developed in a collaboration with Rafael Bordini (PUCRS, Brazil) and Jomi Hübner (University of Santa Catarina, Brazil). The project develops an interpreter and platform for an agent-oriented programming language called Jason.

Moise and NPL

Organisational model and Normative Programming Language

Developed in a collaboration of ENS Mines of Saint Etienne (France), University of São Paulo (Brazil), and University of Santa Catarina (Brazil). The objective is to develop an organisational model that allows the programming of several dimensions of the organisation of a multi-agent system, e.g., structure, functioning, norms, and context.





  • 8th International Workshop on Engineering Multi-Agent Systems (EMAS 2020 @ AAMAS 2020)

  • AAMAS 2020: Demos

  • Thematic Track on Multi-Agent Systems: Theory and Applications (8th MASTA @ EPIA 2015)

  • Tenth International Workshop on Programming Multi-Agent Systems (ProMAS@AAMAS 2012)

  • Workshop-Escola de Sistemas de Agentes, seus Ambientes e apliCações (WESAAC 2012)

  • Workshops co-chair at IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology (WI-IAT'11)

  • Workshop-Escola de Sistemas de Agentes, seus Ambientes e apliCações (WESAAC 2011)

  • Multi Agent Contest 2011

  • Third international Workshop on LAnguages, methodologies and Development tools for multi-agent systemS (LADS010@MALLOW 2010)

  • First International Workshop on Infrastructures and Tools for Multiagent Systems (ITMAS@AAMAS 2010)

  • Multi Agent Contest 2010

  • Fifth Workshop on Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Multi-agent System (COIN@AAMAS 2008)

  • First Brazilian Workshop on Social Simulation (BWSS@SBIA 2008)

  • Iberoamerican Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems (IBERAGENTS@IBERAMIA 2006)